Tegris Inc is dedicated to helping communities achieve the tremendous benefits of improved fire and life safety. Through our partnerships with the fire marshal and local inspection service companies, we help a jurisdiction grow and manage their fire prevention processes.

We’ve heard a few questions from concerned contractors about “3rd Party ITM Reporting” and how it could affect them. It’s important to know that not all companies are providing the same type of service. In fact, Tegris is a very unique and patent pending service that other companies aren’t able to provide. We recommend attending a Tegris presentation to learn more about the services we provide and the proven success of the program.

Below are some recent questions posed to the industry:

The Tegris team is comprised of fire prevention experts and advocates with a lifetime of experience as ITM service providers, fire protection system designers, fire marshals, industry organizers, world class platform development and hosting providers, and fortune 50 IT executives. Our team members have engineered, installed, and serviced over 10,000 fire protection systems, developed and managed fire departments for decades, have contributed to the development of NFPA-25 for ITM, built and maintained data centers and call centers, and streamlined IT processes for companies like AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Microsoft.